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Private study at home – how to create a space for work and relaxation? Study in modern style.

A study at home is a space worth having – it can serve both professional work, which is now extremely important, especially since many duties can be performed remotely, and personal development or moments of relaxation. In today’s article we suggest how to create a functional and inspiring study. We invite you to read it!

The right place is the basis!

The first step to creating the perfect study is to choose the right space. An excellent solution is to arrange a study in a separate room, which is located in an isolated part of the house – such a room will have ideal conditions for work. Peace and quiet are crucial when performing professional duties! Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a separate room, so before starting renovations, it is worth considering where in the house is the best place for your study. Choosing the right location will be crucial to the convenience and efficiency of your office.

The role of light – is it really that important?

Adequate lighting is a very important issue – it can prevent visual fatigue, headaches or even maintaining focus for a long time. Natural light is always the best choice, so it’s a good idea to place your desk close to a window, if the layout of the room allows it. If not, it’s worth investing in good quality desk lamps or ceiling lights that will provide even light. This will make work comfortable and more efficient, while creating a friendly working atmosphere.

The colors we decide on for a renovation are as important a design element as lighting. The choice of colors can significantly affect our productivity and creativity. It’s worth starting with a neutral palette – whites, beiges, grays or soft pastels will be a great starting point. These are subtle and elegant colors that allow you to create a calm background. In addition, bright walls will optically enlarge the room. To add some life and character, you can opt for accessories in more vivid colors. However, if you are a fan of darker colors, you can opt for dark green or navy blue. Although this choice may make the room dark and gloomy, it can’t be taken away from its charm – cabinets in such colors give the impression of being extremely elegant. Whichever option we choose, the choice should be in accordance with our preferences. Deciding on a color that we don’t necessarily like can lead to dissatisfaction with the interior and lack of comfort in our own office. We need to set our sights on a space where we will enjoy spending time.

What is the best style to arrange a study?

The choice of how we arrange the study depends not only on our preferences, but also on the nature of the work we do – it is possible to make a subtle reference to the profession in an imaginative way. There are many possibilities, but what styles are most often chosen?

Modern and minimalist

It is an excellent choice for those who appreciate order and simplicity – it is characterized by clean, straight lines and a light, neutral color scheme. Walls in shades of white, gray or beige provide a backdrop that creates the impression of considerable space. The furniture is often made of modern materials, such as steel and glass, and is often devoid of unnecessary ornamentation or patterns. In addition, it is not uncommon for them to have hidden storage compartments, drawers and shelves, which helps keep the office tidy. Simple, ergonomic desks and chairs, as well as bookcases with geometric shapes create a coherent whole.


If we dream of elegance and timeless classics, it is worth opting for decorative accessories, dark wood (oak, walnut, mahogany) and quite deep colors (burgundy, bottle green). Furniture is often decorated with handmade details, including carvings or marquetry. Combined with dark walls, they will create an extremely elegant combination. In addition, lighting plays an important role here – decorative chandeliers, tall standing lamps – all this will only add to the charm. This is an excellent choice for those who like traditional decor and want to create a study that will be timeless, and on top of that will impress with its aesthetics for many years.


Scandinavian style is very popular not only when it comes to decorating offices. Whites, grays, beiges, wooden accessories, natural materials – they are on top, so no wonder it is so often chosen! It is an ideal choice for those who appreciate minimalism in the work environment. Here there are no random elements, and the suggested accessories are usually plants. Scandinavian style will always be a great choice!


Any person looking for unconventional solutions can opt for a loft-style office. Reference to industrialism, with the help of raw forms, metal and wood, is the perfect description of this style. The more reminiscent of an abandoned factory the decor of the room will be, the better. Therefore, it will be a good idea to use red brick for the wall – this is the first step to this style full of unconventional solutions. On the floor there are usually long wooden planks, and in the room all cables and installations are left in plain sight – so there is no trouble to mask them. As for accessories, plants, such as a monstera, for example, will be an excellent choice. Lamps in the form of spotlights will also work. Such a home office will impress!


Also popular is the hampton style, which is characterized by a bright, neutral color scheme, intended to soothe thoughts and relax. There is no denying that the white color will dominate the office in this style, making the room seem more spacious. In addition to white, you can opt for details in gray, beige or blue. When choosing accessories and decorations, it is worth betting on elements that bring a relaxing mood, such as delicate beach paintings, fresh flowers in vases, as well as light fabrics with subtle patterns that give the interior character. The whole creates a harmonious composition, in which spending time becomes a pleasure.

And what if we are looking for something universal?

The most important thing is to choose a style that suits our needs and individual preferences. The study is the place where we will spend most of the day, so there is no point in agreeing to something that doesn’t quite suit us. The solution is to talk to a designer – such a specialist will certainly help in finding a solution. Regardless of the choice, it is worth betting on functionality and convenience!

Cabinet furniture.

Furniture is the heart of any office, so we should opt for something that not only looks good, but will also be a solid choice for years to come. When shopping, pay attention to their functionality, ergonomics and compatibility with the aesthetics of the room. You should also think about what you will need – a long desk for monitors, shelving for binders, or perhaps multiple drawers for documents? If we plan to set up a study in the living room of our home, where the available space is limited, it’s worth considering options such as a desk with built-in cabinets and drawers or an extension that will allow us to stow away essentials. If the situation is reversed and we have the possibility to use a separate room for an office, an additional bookcase or chest of drawers for documents and office supplies can be extremely useful – they will certainly allow us to maintain greater order and organization in the home office. Solidly made, as well as well-designed furniture will certainly help create a conducive working environment and add character and style to the home office!

How about… customized furniture?

Why not consider customized furniture? If the solutions available in stores do not meet our expectations in terms of aesthetics, functionality or dimensions, those individually tailored to our needs can be the ideal solution. Such an option will allow us to completely control the design, choose materials, colors and accessories to create a cabinet that perfectly suits our preferences and meets all our requirements. It’s also a great way to utilize every available space in our study, regardless of its size or shape – with customized furniture, we can create a unique and personalized interior that reflects our taste or lifestyle.

A cabinet is a place that should be exactly as we dreamed of it, so it’s worth opting for an option that will allow us to customize it as much as possible! An excellent solution is to talk to a designer, who will surely find the right solution and design furniture to suit all our needs. After all, it’s not just another room, but a new workplace – a kind of investment in yourself!

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