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White Kitchen with Wooden Countertop

This time the realization is full of white. Literally, as the white color dominates our client’s kitchen, only slightly complemented by accents of brown countertop. The visual effect is impressive, but the aesthetic qualities are only the beginning of what the white kitchen with wooden countertop designed by us offers.

No need to wait, let’s check out how it all looks – nomen omen – “from the kitchen”.

A very white kitchen with a warm-colored wooden countertop
This realization is a truly truly white kitchen. White definitely dominates here, and in fact, there are some white accents at every point in the kitchen. White are the walls, white is the ceiling, white are the cabinet fronts, white are the cabinet handles, white are the lamps and the kitchen island. White is also the light that illuminates the kitchen when evening comes.

This white kitchen goes very well with the wooden countertop, with a distinct brown color. The brown corner in the form of the countertop and the wall separating the levels of cabinets, as well as the countertop covering the island – is definitely a warm accent in the whole arrangement. Thanks to it, the kitchen is not overwhelmingly white, does not give the impression of sterility.

In a lighter shade of natural brown wood is also the floor – this one covered with panels with an aesthetic texture, covered with knots of wood. There are other color accents here – for example, gray and black elements of the kitchen furnishings, nevertheless the dominant color is white with a distinct admixture of natural brown.

Looking at the kitchen from the side, you can notice a certain stylistic regularity – the lighter and colder the shade of white – the higher. The lower part of the kitchen is dominated by the earth color – brown, in a natural and warm shade.

Just looking at this room gives a pleasant feeling and encourages you to take advantage of what its equipment offers. And this is just the beginning of the story of our realization.

Plenty of space for everything – plates, pots or kitchen appliances
Our client’s kitchen is a large alcove in a larger room. It is such a sizable kitchen annex to the living room, where the Client will eat meals or receive guests. Thus, there are no clearly separating accents, doors or partitions from the rest of the room. Nevertheless, there is quite a lot of space in the kitchen to use. We decided to use this in the most practical way possible.

Virtually all the furnishings our white kitchen with a wooden countertop has is a large corner set of cabinets, cupboards, shelves and drawers. On one wall it is almost uniform – divided only by the microwave, oven and refrigerator. The other wall is divided into an upper and lower level, which is divided by a brown work area. There, the entire surface has a wooden countertop and a stove and granite sink.

This makes it possible to prepare meals in quite a large space, thus dividing the activities and the area needed to perform them.

The principle of the kitchen triangle – which we have consistently adhered to when designing each of our custom kitchens – has been preserved so that the food storage, food preparation and dishwashing zones have been placed in similar but not distant locations.


The kitchen island countertop is not far from the oven, microwave and refrigerator – so it’s easy to take something out, especially if it’s something very cold or very hot. The dishwashing area, on the other hand, is surrounded by a countertop that separates it from other areas of the kitchen and does not interfere with work. An additional stove, connected to the hood, right next to the sink and dishwasher is a practical solution that any housewife will appreciate.

Brilliant white kitchen with wooden countertop
Did we mention that this is a white kitchen? Well, sure. But about how full of brilliance it is because of this – and not only because of this?

White itself is a color that brightens and optically enlarges a room. Our client’s kitchen is quite large on its own, but the dominant white emphasizes this even more. We decided to go all the way in this direction – we installed a number of lamps that are also white and give off a bright white light. Three of them are above the kitchen island, another couple of LEDs above the work area, and another hanging at the entrance to the kitchen – basically crossing the living room and kitchenette area. There are twelve light sources in all, which can be turned on and off at will. Not counting the window, which is located on a wall landscaped with furniture. It, too, brings a lot of brightness to the kitchen.

And in the evening, when there is no daylight, the lamps also provide a lot of brightness. You can successfully work in the kitchen in the evenings and at night, and if the client wishes – also turn on only selected lamps to give the kitchen a romantic and charming character.

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